Major Update!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

I’m back after a long moment without anything new, but I’m going to fix it.. So this is a bunch of what I’ve done those last months, it is not much because I just passed my   final exams,  started a new job… and of course, enjoyed my summer with absolutly wonderful people mostly fan of Sanctuary and Amanda Tapping… They are absolutly great artists : digital painter, photoshop addicts, photographers etc… ❤




and Tamtam‘s

There is a traditional portrait of Helen Magnus during Normandy (What an episode!!! *-*)

This one is a digital painting for Sanctuary France of the whole Sanctuary team… well, the human part.

And to conclude, somme banners icons :

Too stubborn to die

This is my latest Sanctuary painting, I’m not satisfied with the colours, that’s the reason I put the uncoloured version too ^^
I can’t say how much time I spent on it.. I’ve done the lineart yesterday night and finished today. I don’t think I spent much time on it, cause I was for the greatest part of the afternoon on Final Fantasy 13 Xp

Hope you like it! Because The Sanctuary team CAN’T DIE. They are TOO STUBBORN TO DIE. Nah! xD
Can’t wait until April 15th O_O

Kiss me right here… the finished version Xp

Kiss me right right, right now

Ok so this was supposed to be for both a contest and a Birthday, the contest is over, Cyn’s birthday was last month….. I will post the finished version once it’ll be over, but gah. very hard now, I have aboslutly no time for nothing, I work like a mad, and worth, It’s like I’m doing nothing, I finish something and I have two more things to do, it’s super annoying.. AND OMG, AT5 IS SO CLOSE! It totally kills me..

Don’t Look Behind

Ok this drawing means kinda a lot so I apply myself to this one Xd It was a month I couldn’t do anything artistic I was aboslutly uninspired! that was super annoying! I was in hollidays I could have done douzan of artworks, learn new songs on piano etc… but my mind was super focus on something that one of the persons that matter the most for me is going through, she lives it for about 5 years now but this last month was super hard for her. And the happyness of christmas brought back all the joy in my familly. This is something I missed a lot. …ok I know you don’t give a crap about my life, but, I just want you to know that this drawing matters a lot for me ^^

and btw, I’m not used to do backgrounds, so be indulgent x)

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Merry Christmas!

I don’t know if I’d be able to post an entry for Xmas on the next week so let’s do it now =]

I have to say the mid-season finale killed me, I really wasn’t waiting that, I though that Damian would have been cruel enough to put Magnus on her dead bed, but that dude is even worse! Well… You know the story, I won’t give the details cuz maybe somebody who didn’t see it can read this entry so… ^^’

Tesla was definitely awesome in that ep.

Whatever… I come with various artworks, banners, icons, walls… no drawings sorry ^^’

[click to enlarge]

The red Queen, this is my theme for this end of year ^^ (last year, there was just a wall with Amy and a santa bonnet) This is the wall, hope you enjoy it!

The original photo is from this amazing model : Ophelias overdose

I wish you a very sweet and amazing year 2011, live just like if it was your last year, enjoy every moment shared with the people you love, don’t miss an opportunity to fulfil your dreams.. be the year 2011 be full of love!

Most important this year… AT5! ^^ Every AT makes every year special!



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Helen and ‘Dobby’

I’m still deadly squeeing because of this magnificent episode that was Animus ♥ _ ♥ Every single scene between Helen and Nikola was absolutely amazing, but the last one inspired me: you see Helen leaning on the table, Nikola looking at the symbols and the city all around them… this is image is so far my favourite in the episode, intensely romantic, I really love it. (But I have to say it’s been 2 days I’m playing the hugging scene again, again and again..)


Hope you like it! But even if you don’t, please leave a comment!

Empty Sound of Teardrops

I always promised myself I’d never draw a character’s death, but after reading a very touching fanfiction from SentientMist, I decided to change my mind for once.
You can read the story here : [link]
It is very well-written, short and really sad.

I drew again with that new method, I don’t think I’ll totally forget the one I used to draw with because there some thing I just cannot do with that new one. ^^

I hope you like this drawing.


PS : If you’re a Will/Helen shipper, you should read more of SentientmIst fanfictions, I have to say they are pretty great.

Meet a Dragon

It’s been time I was trying to make a fantasy drawing, and I have to say I already tried a lot of times…
This first idea came to me, I wanted to draw Helen Magnus meeting a dragon.
Don’t call me insane, that woman really lived a lot!
I first drew this on paper :

and then I work on it with photoshop, the most difficult is that I had to change completely my style of painting, in other words, I had to re-learn everything.
I played with various patterns for the skin of the creature and Helen’s clothes. (I know she doesn’t look like a lot to Amanda…)

7 hours on it… and I’m sure it’s not completely done >_o
I hope you like it.

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Magnus, cute with a bazooka?

Magnus, cute with a bazooka in Kali III?

I totally say yes.

…and yes I know what OOT means! xD