Don’t Look Behind

Ok this drawing means kinda a lot so I apply myself to this one Xd It was a month I couldn’t do anything artistic I was aboslutly uninspired! that was super annoying! I was in hollidays I could have done douzan of artworks, learn new songs on piano etc… but my mind was super focus on something that one of the persons that matter the most for me is going through, she lives it for about 5 years now but this last month was super hard for her. And the happyness of christmas brought back all the joy in my familly. This is something I missed a lot. …ok I know you don’t give a crap about my life, but, I just want you to know that this drawing matters a lot for me ^^

and btw, I’m not used to do backgrounds, so be indulgent x)

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The Longest Day – A Teslen Video

Hey Folks,

This is a video about Teslen Romance =P

I have done it weeks ago and forgot to sent it here ^^


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Amanda Tapping Wall

Hey Folks,

This is a new wall about Amanda, hope you’ll like it


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Kiss Under the Rain

This a deviation for The Tesla and Teslenite Troopers =P
As you asked me this ‘a kiss under the rain’, and I hope you’ll like it =D

Nice day, everyone ^^

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MERRY CHRISTMAS …and rufflemas!

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