Major Update!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

I’m back after a long moment without anything new, but I’m going to fix it.. So this is a bunch of what I’ve done those last months, it is not much because I just passed my   final exams,  started a new job… and of course, enjoyed my summer with absolutly wonderful people mostly fan of Sanctuary and Amanda Tapping… They are absolutly great artists : digital painter, photoshop addicts, photographers etc… ❤




and Tamtam‘s

There is a traditional portrait of Helen Magnus during Normandy (What an episode!!! *-*)

This one is a digital painting for Sanctuary France of the whole Sanctuary team… well, the human part.

And to conclude, somme banners icons :


Empty Sound of Teardrops

I always promised myself I’d never draw a character’s death, but after reading a very touching fanfiction from SentientMist, I decided to change my mind for once.
You can read the story here : [link]
It is very well-written, short and really sad.

I drew again with that new method, I don’t think I’ll totally forget the one I used to draw with because there some thing I just cannot do with that new one. ^^

I hope you like this drawing.


PS : If you’re a Will/Helen shipper, you should read more of SentientmIst fanfictions, I have to say they are pretty great.

Sanctuary – The Prophecy

Sanctuary – End of Nights

My new Sanctuary vid. I hope you’ll like it.

End of Nights part2 made me cry, Amanda Tapping is gorgeous there.

Sanctuary’s Sunrise

A new drawing about Helen and Will ^^


Helen and Will – All about Us

My new Sanctuary video, about she relationship between Helen Will ^^

Music : TATU – All About US

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Gorecki – A Sanctuary Video