Major Update!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

I’m back after a long moment without anything new, but I’m going to fix it.. So this is a bunch of what I’ve done those last months, it is not much because I just passed my   final exams,  started a new job… and of course, enjoyed my summer with absolutly wonderful people mostly fan of Sanctuary and Amanda Tapping… They are absolutly great artists : digital painter, photoshop addicts, photographers etc… ❤




and Tamtam‘s

There is a traditional portrait of Helen Magnus during Normandy (What an episode!!! *-*)

This one is a digital painting for Sanctuary France of the whole Sanctuary team… well, the human part.

And to conclude, somme banners icons :


Too stubborn to die

This is my latest Sanctuary painting, I’m not satisfied with the colours, that’s the reason I put the uncoloured version too ^^
I can’t say how much time I spent on it.. I’ve done the lineart yesterday night and finished today. I don’t think I spent much time on it, cause I was for the greatest part of the afternoon on Final Fantasy 13 Xp

Hope you like it! Because The Sanctuary team CAN’T DIE. They are TOO STUBBORN TO DIE. Nah! xD
Can’t wait until April 15th O_O

Kiss me right here… the finished version Xp

Helen and ‘Dobby’

I’m still deadly squeeing because of this magnificent episode that was Animus ♥ _ ♥ Every single scene between Helen and Nikola was absolutely amazing, but the last one inspired me: you see Helen leaning on the table, Nikola looking at the symbols and the city all around them… this is image is so far my favourite in the episode, intensely romantic, I really love it. (But I have to say it’s been 2 days I’m playing the hugging scene again, again and again..)


Hope you like it! But even if you don’t, please leave a comment!

Magnus, cute with a bazooka?

Magnus, cute with a bazooka in Kali III?

I totally say yes.

…and yes I know what OOT means! xD

Random icons

I just realized that I didn’t post any more icons here except in the first entires >< I’ve been doing quite a lot of them, for my msn/Skype etc… So here they are, hope you enjoy.

Because I think Sam Carter is cute.

I was re-watching season 4, and seriously, no one can deny the fact that Sam Carter is deadly cute with her hair a little longer than usually.

Behind The Canopy



This frist trailer is just, OMG. I wordless! This is SO Teslen! and  I so wanted to make something about the wonderful bedroom scene, and the canopy bed of Helen gave me an idea =P

Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave a comment



A quick drawing of Helen if she would wear Walter’s costume from the episode 2#04 – Hero
Don’t ask me the explosion behind her, I just found it cool xD

Helen and Sally – Pastels

Helen Magnus and the Siren, called by Will and Henry Sally ^^
Scene is the first episode of the Season 1.

Done with pastel chalkes ^^ (Xmas gifts! xD)


This drawing has been done for Sammie, Tamy, Laura, Tee, Jenni, Jess, Emma…. the whole Sanctuary fan chat troopers!

xx love ya girls, 2010 would never be without you all! xx