Kiss me right here… the finished version Xp


Kiss me right right, right now

Ok so this was supposed to be for both a contest and a Birthday, the contest is over, Cyn’s birthday was last month….. I will post the finished version once it’ll be over, but gah. very hard now, I have aboslutly no time for nothing, I work like a mad, and worth, It’s like I’m doing nothing, I finish something and I have two more things to do, it’s super annoying.. AND OMG, AT5 IS SO CLOSE! It totally kills me..

Helen and ‘Dobby’

I’m still deadly squeeing because of this magnificent episode that was Animus ♥ _ ♥ Every single scene between Helen and Nikola was absolutely amazing, but the last one inspired me: you see Helen leaning on the table, Nikola looking at the symbols and the city all around them… this is image is so far my favourite in the episode, intensely romantic, I really love it. (But I have to say it’s been 2 days I’m playing the hugging scene again, again and again..)


Hope you like it! But even if you don’t, please leave a comment!

Random icons

I just realized that I didn’t post any more icons here except in the first entires >< I’ve been doing quite a lot of them, for my msn/Skype etc… So here they are, hope you enjoy.

Happy Valentines Day!

And mostly Teslentine! =P

Nikola and Helen Tesla’s Wedding! ❤
=P devoted to all the people of the Teslen thread on Gateworld!

Loving above Everybody

Helen Magnus and Nikola Tesla
Set after Sleppers episode. This drawind requiered some explanations :
Do you guys know magneto from X-men???
Yeah if Niko became a Magneto man… well he can fly, as Magneto

my shippy side -> SQUEEEEE!!!! (dies)

I have to write a fic!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanctuary – The Prophecy

Confort’s Need

Helen Niko - Step 15

Sanctuary – End of Nights

My new Sanctuary vid. I hope you’ll like it.

End of Nights part2 made me cry, Amanda Tapping is gorgeous there.

A Vampire’s Tango

Hi Everyone!

This in my new drawing, I made it with Photoshop. It’s Nikola Tesla and Helen Magnus, I love this ship!

Don’t ask me where did came from this idea of a tango between them in Rome’s catacombs, because I’ll reply that the fanvid ‘Misbehave’ of Ellymelly inspired me. ^^

Vampire's Tango