Merry Christmas!

I don’t know if I’d be able to post an entry for Xmas on the next week so let’s do it now =]

I have to say the mid-season finale killed me, I really wasn’t waiting that, I though that Damian would have been cruel enough to put Magnus on her dead bed, but that dude is even worse! Well… You know the story, I won’t give the details cuz maybe somebody who didn’t see it can read this entry so… ^^’

Tesla was definitely awesome in that ep.

Whatever… I come with various artworks, banners, icons, walls… no drawings sorry ^^’

[click to enlarge]

The red Queen, this is my theme for this end of year ^^ (last year, there was just a wall with Amy and a santa bonnet) This is the wall, hope you enjoy it!

The original photo is from this amazing model : Ophelias overdose

I wish you a very sweet and amazing year 2011, live just like if it was your last year, enjoy every moment shared with the people you love, don’t miss an opportunity to fulfil your dreams.. be the year 2011 be full of love!

Most important this year… AT5! ^^ Every AT makes every year special!



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Strong Women

Kate and Helen, a really amazing team ^^ I love these two freaking awesome actresses, Amanda Tapping and Agam Darshi ❤ Hope you like this new Wall/Drawing öö




This a new wall/drawing about Amy, I did this afternoon, I really don’t like it, I was trying an effetc, but the result isn’t what I was waiting for xD

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When you can live live forever, What do you live for?

“When you can live live forever, What do you live for?”

Helen Magnus wallpaper

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Angel of Darkness

After the one of Amanda as a Angel… this one is more dark =P

[1080×720] ~ [1024×768]

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Amanda’s light Wall

Hey, a new wall of Amanda, I love the original photo of her so I couldn’t stop myself doing a montage with it on Photoshop ^^

Enjoy! =D

Amanda's light Wall

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Amanda is an angel

This my new Amanda Tapping’s wallpaper. I’ve began to draw the wings on paper before using photoshop to make the wall with Amanda.

Angel - AmandaTapping

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