Major Update!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

I’m back after a long moment without anything new, but I’m going to fix it.. So this is a bunch of what I’ve done those last months, it is not much because I just passed my   final exams,  started a new job… and of course, enjoyed my summer with absolutly wonderful people mostly fan of Sanctuary and Amanda Tapping… They are absolutly great artists : digital painter, photoshop addicts, photographers etc… ❤




and Tamtam‘s

There is a traditional portrait of Helen Magnus during Normandy (What an episode!!! *-*)

This one is a digital painting for Sanctuary France of the whole Sanctuary team… well, the human part.

And to conclude, somme banners icons :


Strong Women

Kate and Helen, a really amazing team ^^ I love these two freaking awesome actresses, Amanda Tapping and Agam Darshi ❤ Hope you like this new Wall/Drawing öö



Kate Freelander

This is not an article about Amanda but Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander in Sanctuary… but I guess she deserves one! =D

After all, I have to say that I love this charactere more than Ashley’s, I think she’s very funny, and in these last 2 episodes (Sleepers and Haunted) Agam did so a great job. She changed since End Of Nights, most of the people thinks she’s here to take Ashley’s job, and I’ll say that’s good, because we’re not going to see Ashley any time soon, I loved her, but I think Kate is better xD . But don’t worry, Amanda said Ashley would return in the season 3, I think we’re going to learn her past or something like it… but there’s something I’d love, see Kid!Ashley played by Olivia… that would be awesome!
So this is a drawing to illustrate this article and dedicated to Agam for the wonderful job she’s doing.

Agam Darshi as Kate

Have you seen her in ‘2012’?? I know it was just some second, but just I was so WOW when I saw her xD

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