Strong Women

Kate and Helen, a really amazing team ^^ I love these two freaking awesome actresses, Amanda Tapping and Agam Darshi ❤ Hope you like this new Wall/Drawing öö




Random icons

I just realized that I didn’t post any more icons here except in the first entires >< I’ve been doing quite a lot of them, for my msn/Skype etc… So here they are, hope you enjoy.

Because I think Sam Carter is cute.

I was re-watching season 4, and seriously, no one can deny the fact that Sam Carter is deadly cute with her hair a little longer than usually.

Behind The Canopy



This frist trailer is just, OMG. I wordless! This is SO Teslen! and  I so wanted to make something about the wonderful bedroom scene, and the canopy bed of Helen gave me an idea =P

Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave a comment


Hurricane of Love

Hey Everyone!
Was a long time I’ve made a long digital, this one represents Helen walking alone in a winter, pregnant of Ashley.
I will perhaps edit this, to make Amanda with her short blond hair, pregnant of Olivia, I think it could be sweet ^^ That was my first idea, but I decided to make Helen because SamanthaMajka asked me ^^

So this drawing is for my sweetie and lovely Sammie! ❤

New Drawing ^^

I couldn’t wait any more! I NEEDED TO DRAW! Even if I have to learn for that damn exam.

So, this is Helen Magnus, in the 30’s…. Well I guess it is the 30’s.

Hope you enjoy ^^

… BTW, did you guys see the wonderful pics of the Leos? Amanda’s dress is just awesome, stunning! …and Amanda is wonderful! xD I love this new kind of hair style =D

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This a new wall/drawing about Amy, I did this afternoon, I really don’t like it, I was trying an effetc, but the result isn’t what I was waiting for xD

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Helen Magnus Tribune Video

A short video about Amanda Tapping in Sanctuary

Musique Yann Tiersen

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A quick drawing of Helen if she would wear Walter’s costume from the episode 2#04 – Hero
Don’t ask me the explosion behind her, I just found it cool xD


Hello Everybody, First of all, I’m really sorry for the lack od updates! So this is a new drawing to forgive me (+ 1 and a video)

Helen sleeping, dreaming about Nikola, still his note from Rome ^^