Major Update!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

I’m back after a long moment without anything new, but I’m going to fix it.. So this is a bunch of what I’ve done those last months, it is not much because I just passed my   final exams,  started a new job… and of course, enjoyed my summer with absolutly wonderful people mostly fan of Sanctuary and Amanda Tapping… They are absolutly great artists : digital painter, photoshop addicts, photographers etc… ❤




and Tamtam‘s

There is a traditional portrait of Helen Magnus during Normandy (What an episode!!! *-*)

This one is a digital painting for Sanctuary France of the whole Sanctuary team… well, the human part.

And to conclude, somme banners icons :


Helen and Sally – Pastels

Helen Magnus and the Siren, called by Will and Henry Sally ^^
Scene is the first episode of the Season 1.

Done with pastel chalkes ^^ (Xmas gifts! xD)


This drawing has been done for Sammie, Tamy, Laura, Tee, Jenni, Jess, Emma…. the whole Sanctuary fan chat troopers!

xx love ya girls, 2010 would never be without you all! xx